A Judge Just Dealt Barack Obama a Massive Blow He’ll Never Recover From

Obama thought that he could start another investigation into the Trump administration.

But his overstep is going to cost Democrats big.

A judge just dealt Barack Obama a massive blow he’ll never recover from.

The case against Michael Flynn started off as good publicity for Democrats.

Robert Mueller had indicted a member of the Trump team for lying about his connection with the Russians.

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The mainstream media could easily report on the allegations in a way that made it look like the Trump team had been up to no good.

However, an FBI note on the case proved that the FBI had been trying to catch Flynn in a perjury trap when they interviewed him.

The FBI was hoping either to catch Flynn lying to them or get him to admit to violating the Logan Act.

The DOJ issued a memo which said,“after a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information,” investigators discovered that Flynn’s interview was “untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn.”

The case against Flynn should have ended there and then, but federal Judge Emmet Sullivan wouldn’t allow the DOJ to dismiss the charges against Flynn.

But a federal appeals court forced a stop to Sullivan’s childish antics and forced the case against Flynn to be dropped in a 2-1 ruling by the District Court.

“Wednesday’s court order was direct,” Fox News reports, “ordering ‘that Flynn’s petition for a writ of mandamus be granted in part; the District Court is directed to grant the government’s … motion to dismiss; and the District Court’s order appointing an amicus is hereby vacated as moot, in accordance with the opinion of the court filed herein this date.’”

This is good news for Flynn whose life was nearly ruined by the Democrats’ determination to attack Trump with allegations of Russian collusion.

“This is not the unusual case where a more searching inquiry is justified,” the lead judge wrote as he ordered the charges against Flynn to be dropped immediately.

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”In this case, the district court’s actions will result in specific harms to the exercise of the Executive Branch’s exclusive prosecutorial power,” the decision reads. “The contemplated proceedings would likely require the Executive to reveal the internal deliberative process behind its exercise of prosecutorial discretion, interfering with the Article II charging authority.”

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If Mueller had been doing his job right, there never would have been a case against Flynn to begin with.

Donald Trump is pleased that there has finally been justice for Flynn.

“Great! Appeals Court Upholds Justice Departments Request To Drop Criminal Case Against General Michael Flynn!”the President wrote on Twitter.

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