Rush Limbaugh Took One Surprise Phone Call That Just Changed Everything

Rush Limbaugh’s dealt with a difficult year.

But nothing prepared him for what just happened.

Rush Limbaugh took one surprise phone call that just changed everything.

During a recent broadcast, Rush Limbaugh was taken by surprise when Lt. General Michael Flynn called the program unannounced.

Flynn called after a majority opinion from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals that ordered Judge Emmet Sullivan to allow the Department of Justice to withdraw Flynn’s guilty plea from the Mueller witch hunt.

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Flynn called Limbaugh to thank him for the host’s support during the years-long ordeal where Mueller’s Democrat prosecutors terrorized Flynn and his family.

The former National Security Advisor also wanted to offer his prayers for Limbaugh as Limbaugh continued his fight against advanced stage lung cancer.

Limbaugh thanked Flynn and Flynn proceeded to proclaim what a great day this was for his family and for the justice system.

“And the decision today is really, it’s a good thing for General Flynn, it’s a good thing for me, it’s a good thing for my family, but it’s really a great boost of confidence for the American people and our justice system, because that’s what this really comes down to, is whether or not our justice system is going to have the confidence of the American people. And, boy, your listeners know this,” Flynn stated.

Limbaugh then asked Flynn if he ever doubted the courts would exonerate him.

Flynn explained that his faith in America and the rule of law allowed him to persevere during his political persecution.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, maybe there will be another time that we can get into the details of it, but I will just tell you that I have always believed and fought for our rule of law. The most important thing that we have in this country, bar none, is that. And we have to make it work whether we like it or not, and it has to work with the right people and the right leaders and the people of our country to step up to the plate,” Flynn began.

Flynn then reminded everyone in Limbaugh’s audience that voting and elections matter.

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“You know, and elections matter, right? Voting matters. So, anyway, I just wanted to get my two cents in with you today and tell you that we think about you often and we pray for you and that we are so happy with the decision, not only for our family, but for our country,” Flynn concluded.

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The Obama administration, the FBI and a rogue federal judge all tested Flynn by trying to put him in jail.

This episode brought shame on the FBI and Justice Department.

But Trump supporters can take comfort in the fact that in the end, justice was done.

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