150,000 Fraudulent Ballots Handed Joe Biden This Key State

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Before the election even took place Donald Trump warned of mass voter fraud.

After the election the bad news came in.

And 150,000 fraudulent ballots handed Joe Biden this key state.

Conservative groups continue to challenge the results in key states alleging widespread voter fraud.

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One such state is Wisconsin where Joe Biden carried the state by a mere 20,000 votes.

The conservative Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project filed a lawsuit claiming it identified 150,000 fraudulent ballots.

Just the News reported, “The national conservative group Amistad Project filed an emergency petition Tuesday with the Wisconsin Supreme Court challenging the state’s unofficial results in the 2020 presidential election, saying it has identified over 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots.”

The group’s lawsuit claims Wisconsin officials violated state law on counting ballots.

“We have identified over 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots in Wisconsin, more than enough to call into question the validity of the state’s reported election results,” Amistad Project Director Phill Kline wrote.

“Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials’ willful violation of state law,” Kline added.

The group’s lawsuit alleges Wisconsin did not count 10,000 ballots requested and submitted by Republican voters and that 10,000 ballots filled out by someone other than the Republican that requested the ballot were counted.

In addition, the Amistad Project alleges that Wisconsin counted over 100,000 votes illegally by not enforcing the state requirement to present photo identification when requesting an absentee ballot.

NTD reported:

The lawsuit details a series of alleged illegal actions taken by Wisconsin officials that led to significant numbers of improper votes being counted. One example is not enforcing state laws that require voters to present photo identification when requesting an absentee, or mail-in, ballot. The only exceptions are for voters who are hospitalized or “indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness, or infirmity.”

The indefinite confinement exception was interpreted to apply to people with COVID-19. Statistical analysis shows nearly 100,000 exploited the exception, the project said.

This lawsuit is separate from President Trump’s legal challenges.

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An accurate vote count is important because few Republicans think this election was on the level and the shady and the varied and secretive vote counting procedures—especially in heavily Democratic strongholds—led millions of Americans to doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

A Morning Consult poll found 70 percent of Republicans did not believe the 2020 election was free or fair.

CNBC and Change Research published poll results showing just three percent of Trump voters believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square.

These lawsuits will provide clarity and closure on the 2020 election and show the American people the true level of fraud in the vote.

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