A Leading Democrat Just Resigned From This Senate Post

Democrats’ congressional woes continue.

The party faced a disastrous 2020 election cycle.

And now a leading Democrat just resigned from this Senate post.

Rank-and-file Democrats stewed over California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s performance as the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee during Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Barrett dialed through the hearings and Republicans confirmed Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg and cement a six to three Republican-appointed justice majority.

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Liberals were furious that Feinstein hugged Republican Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham after the committee voted on Barrett.

Democrats are hoping to present a unified party front in 2021 and to that end, Senator Feinstein played the role of sacrificial lamb and word leaked out that she would step down as ranking member of the Judiciary Committee.

POLITICO exclusively reported:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein plans to step down as the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee in the next Congress, after facing blowback from progressives for her handling of Amy Coney Barrett’s contentious Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Three people familiar with the matter told POLITICO, which Feinstein soon confirmed.

Feinstein soon confirmed the news in a statement.

“After serving as the lead Democrat on the Judiciary Committee for four years, I will not seek the chairmanship or ranking member position in the next Congress,” Feinstein wrote. “I look forward to continuing to serve as a senior Democrat on the Judiciary, Intelligence, Appropriations and Rules committees as we work with the Biden administration.”

The irony of the whole situation is it was Feinstein who tried to sandbag Brett Kavanaugh by leaking a letter that Christine Blasey Ford wrote to her about the lies Ford planned to tell about Kavanaugh supposedly sexually assaulting her.

Feinstein played the role of hatchet woman in those hearings.

But with Amy Coney Barrett, Feinstein and the Democrats largely read the writing on the wall and backed down.

Republicans were going to confirm Barrett.

However, Democrats saw that Republicans were hoping Feinstein would fall into a trap she created for herself in Barrett’s 2017 confirmation hearing to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Feinstein attacked Barrett for her Catholic faith claiming the dogma lived loudly in her.

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That comment more than anything made Barrett a conservative judicial star and was responsible for her eventual appointment to the Supreme Court.

Catholic voters play a large role in determining who wins states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania so Feinstein did not want to antagonize Catholic voters by launching a scorched-earth campaign to destroy Barrett when there was no chance of stopping her nomination.

Base Democrats, however, just saw that their party lost a major fight to define the court for a generation and demanded a scalp.

And what they got in return was Dianne Feinstein stepping down as the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee.

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