A Shocking FBI Note Made Joe Biden Break Into a Cold Sweat at the Scandal Ahead

There’s a damning piece of evidence that is impossible for Joe Biden to escape.

He’s directly involved in some of the worst corruption of the Obama administration.

A shocking FBI note made Joe Biden break into a cold sweat at the scandal ahead.

One of the biggest questions of the Michael Flynn case has just been answered.

Why did the FBI even conduct their interview where they claimed they entrapped former national security adviser Michael Flynn into lying when he was part of the incoming administration?

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The investigations into Flynn were supposed to be winding down to a close.

The FBI had listened into Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador, using legislation that was designed to track terrorists.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the phone call that Flynn made with the Russian ambassador.

The FBI continued the investigation into Flynn on the basis of the Logan Act, which is a law so obscure that it has never resulted in a criminal conviction.

It seemed that the investigation into Flynn was continued merely as part of a broader political attack.

It’s already known that Joe Biden requested Flynn’s identity to be unmasked on the very day that Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador was illegally leaked to The Washington Post.

Biden claimed that he was an outsider on the whole Flynn investigation and knew very little about the affair.

“I knew nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn,” said Biden to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.“I was aware that there was — that they asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know about it, and I don’t think anything else.”

Now, notes from ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok indicate that Joe Biden, who was thenVice President, brought up the idea of using the Logan Act to investigate Flynn.

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Flynn’s lawyers, Jesse Binnall and Sidney Powell, said that “according to Strzok’s notes, it appears that Vice President Biden personally raised the idea of the Logan Act. That became an admitted pretext to investigate General Flynn.”

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The evidence makes it clear that Joe Biden not only knew about the investigation into Flynn, but helped the FBI come up with ideas to conduct an unnecessary investigation against him.

When Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Biden’s shady use of foreign aid, Biden responded by saying, “In full view of the world and the American people, Donald Trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation and committed impeachable acts,” Biden said last October. “To preserve our Constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached.”

This new information shows that Biden is unfit to be president by his own standards.

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