A Top Republican Exposed Donald Trump’s Biggest Enemy With Just Four Words

The Democrats have a powerful tool on their side that is helping them win the election.

The political meddling has gotten out of control.

A top Republican exposed Donald Trump’s biggest enemy with just four words.

Social media can make a big difference in elections.

In 2010, Facebook ran an experiment where they encouraged users to vote compared to a control group that saw nothing. The estimates are that the Facebook banner helped get 340,000 extra people to the polls for the congressional election.

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In this case, Facebook showed the same banner to 98% of its users but they don’t have to, they could try to encourage Democrats while repressing Republicans.

Google shows different search results to different people and seems to be burying stories that portray Democratic candidate Joe Biden in a negative light.

Daily Caller and Breitbart have both reported that Google is suppressing their articles on Joe Biden.

“Specifically we struggled with search slowly dwindling until May 4 exactly. We broke down the analytics. The May 4 flat line is clearly the result of the human hand in the process,” said Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll.

It’s clear that the big social media companies will do whatever possible in order get Trump out of office.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan put it plainly at the beginning of a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday and said that they are “out to get conservatives.”

“I’ll just cut to the chase: Big Tech is out to get conservatives,” Jordan said. “That’s not a suspicion. That’s not a hunch. That’s a fact.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz went further and accused Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, of engaging in “election interference.”

“It seems to be no coincidence that sites like Gateway Pundit, the Western Journal, American Spectator, Daily Caller, and Breitbart that receive the ire or the negative treatment as a consequence of your manual tooling,” Gaetz said.“And it also seems noteworthy that whistleblowers at your own company have spoken out. You said that one of the reasons you maintain this manual tool is to stop election interference, I believe it is in fact your company that is engaging in election interference.

“You’re using your market dominance in search to accomplish that election interference,” Gaetz added.

Pichai responded, “I strongly disagree with that characterization.”

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The Google CEO then claimed that “we don’t approach this work with any political viewpoint.”

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The big tech companies are acting like political players but they don’t want to be treated that way.

They want to suppress freedom of speech and yet don’t want to be liable as a publisher.

Google, Facebook and Twitter can’t have it both ways; they can’t claim to be neutral and give Joe Biden every advantage they can.

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