Amy Coney Barrett Said Four Words That Shut Down Democrat Opposition

The Democrats are going out on a limb trying to take down Amy Coney Barrett.

Their assaults against her could easily backfire.

Amy Coney Barrett said four words that shut down Democrat opposition.

There aren’t many good lines of attack for the left to use against Judge Amy Coney Barrett and at this point they’re grasping at straws.

After Barrett used the term “sexual preference” in her confirmation hearings, Democrats slammed her for using the term “sexual preference.”

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Joe Biden used the very same term back in May and the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also used the term.

Since the Democrats don’t have any concrete lines of attack, they’ve been doing their best to paint Barrett as an extremist out of The Handmaid’s Tale because she is a faithful Catholic with a beautiful family with seven children, two of whom were adopted.

But even there, their arguments fail as Barrett addressed them during the Senate Supreme Court confirmation hearings on Tuesday.

Barrett said that she knew the attacks against her even though she’s tried to be on a “media blackout for the sake of my mental health.”

“Look, I’ve made distinct choices,” she said. “I’ve decided to pursue a career and have a large family, I have a multiracial family, our faith is important to us, all of those things are true but they are my choices.”

She went on to explain that she’s not trying to force other people to live like her, noting that she is friends with many people from different walks of life.

“I’ve never tried in my personal life to impose my choices on them and the same is true professionally,” she said.

Barrett confessed that the process of becoming a Supreme Court Justice was “difficult and excruciating” and had an impact on her family.

“We knew that our lives would be combed over for any negative detail, we know that our faith would be caricatures, we knew our family would be attacked,” she said.

But even knowing that it would be hard, Barrett and her husband chose to embrace the suffering.

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“Why should I say that someone else should do the difficulty if the difficulty is the only reason to say no?” she asked. “I should serve my country and my family is all in on that because they share my belief in the rule of law.”

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The confirmation hearings are showing what an incredible woman Barrett is and that she will make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

Every attack that the Democrats try to use against her is failing because their accusations against her are truly empty.

Donald Trump made an excellent choice nominating Amy Coney Barrett.

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