Barack Obama Trembled When He Heard the Wave of Subpoenas About to Hit Him

The Obama administration is coming under real scrutiny for their crimes.

They’re praying that the results of the investigation won’t become public before the election.

Barack Obama trembled when he heard the wave of subpoenas about to hit him.

The Democrats are terrified about the results of the Durham investigation which is looking closely at the actions that the Obama administration took against Trump under the guise of Russian collusion.

Ten Democratic senators, including Biden’s VP pick, Kamala Harris, are trying to derail Durham’s results from being published.

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But it isn’t just the Durham investigation that the Democratic senatorshave to fear, the Senate Homeland Security Committee is also investigating the origins of Russian collusion and just authorized committee Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson to subpoena 40 people, many of whom are former Obama officials.

The committee had already voted to subpoena 33 witnesses during July, but the Democrats objected on procedural grounds and forced a new vote.

“We are here today … to overcome a ridiculous assertion by the ranking member regarding committee subpoena rules and, while we’re at it, to vote on subpoena authority for seven additional individuals based on new information,” Johnson said at the hearing, according to The Washington Examiner. “Regarding the committee subpoena rules, Sen. [Gary] Peters has raised a procedural objection based on an absurd interpretation of committee rules. According to Sen. Peters, when the committee authorized deposition subpoenas on June 4, that vote did not include the authority to actually schedule any depositions.”

Sen. Peters, along with other Democrats, consistently says that looking into the actions taken against the Trump administration during the 2016 election is politically motivated.

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“I’m disappointed that our committee is once again meeting to discuss the authorization of subpoenas instead — let me say that again — instead of the serious challenges facing Americans,” Peters said. “Today, we’re voting on an unprecedented 40 subpoenas to further the chairman’s investigations into Crossfire Hurricane and the unmasking of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s name.”

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Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) appeared on Fox Business and noted that it was high time that Democrats have to give an account of their actions.

“I’m glad to finally see the Senate is issuing these subpoenas. I’m glad to finally see these hearings are taking place. You know, I’ll be honest, I would’ve loved to have seen them earlier because we knew this stuff was coming out, and now it’s taken to September to get them,” Collins said. “But now we have them, let’s get the truth to the American people because you’re right. Every time we peel back the onion, every time I’ve been on your show and many other shows and we’ve talked about it and the left and the mainstream media would make fun of us saying, ‘You’re just on a wild goose chase trying to protect the president.’”

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