Barack Obama Used One Word About Race That Just Set Off This Big Firestorm

Barack Obama used race-baiting to win two terms in the White House.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, Obama is once again injecting himself into the national conversation.

Barack Obama used one word about race that just set off this big firestorm.

In commencement speeches and social media posts, Obama’s repeatedly weighed in on the Black Lives Matter protests that broke out in cities across the nation following police in Minneapolis murdering George Floyd.

Obama acolyte Valerie Jarrett sat for an interview with the Amazon Washington Post and before the interview began, the Post played a clip of Obama discussing the widespread riots.

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In the clip, Obama boasted about the chaos that led to the death of nearly 20 Americans – including some police officers – which made him “optimistic” about the nation’s future.

“When sometimes I feel despair I just see what’s happening with young people all across the country and the talent, and the voice, the sophistication that they are displaying and it makes me feel optimistic,” Obama declared. “It makes me feel … this country is going to get better.”

Democrats like Obama think they can guide the passions of the mob to sweep them in to power in November.

The more violence that breaks out, the better, because it causes instability and Democrats believe voters will see the country spiraling into chaos and take it out on President Trump.

Other Americans are appalled at the rioting and can’t believe a former President is cheering on the disturbances in the streets.

Rioters looted businesses – many of which were minority-owned – and burned neighborhoods to the ground.

The scenes coming out of Minneapolis after days of riots, which the liberal mayor and Democrat governor encouraged, looked like a warzone.

Other Americans understood why Barack Obama was so pleased with the looting, rioting and anarchy that sprung up from coast to coast.

Former President Obama entered politics as a community organizer trained in the ways of Saul Alinksy and schooled in the tactics of confrontational politics.

The riots in the streets were the ultimate tactic to affect political change by bullying politicians into passing preferred left-wing policies under the threat of massive civil unrest and violence.

And the protests are working.

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Corporate entities and sports leagues contributed over 400 million dollars to the Black Lives Matter political group which is a far-left political organization.

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Cities and states across the country are passing new anti-police laws.

The speed of the success the protests achieved is unheard of in American history.

And since Barack Obama wants to impose socialism on America, of course he is “optimistic” about the protests.

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