Bombshell Report Shows Joe Biden Flipped Two States With Thousands of Illegal Votes

Donald Trump’s claiming widespread voter fraud handed Joe Biden an illegitimate election win.

The fake news media screamed the President never presented any proof of these claims.

Now this bombshell report shows Joe Biden flipped two states with thousands of illegal votes.

Donald Trump’s claims Joe Biden was boosted by fraudulent voting received its strongest backing by a report from the nonprofit Just Facts.

Just Facts and its president James Agresti studied the 2010 census count of noncitizens living in the United States—an estimated 21.7 million—with the demographics in the seven key battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as well as public polling noncitizens’ political attitudes.

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This was the first comprehensive and credible study of possible voter fraud in the 2020 election.

The results were startling.

Just Facts’ research indicated that on the low end of their estimates,Joe Biden won two key states because of thousands of votes cast by noncitizens.

“Based in New Jersey, Just Facts concluded that thousands of ‘extra’ noncitizen votes went to Mr. Biden, enough to flip Arizona (plus 51,081) and Georgia (plus 54,950), but not sufficient to flip the election,” The Washington Times reported.

However, JustFacts also ran a high-end scenario for how many illegal votes were cast and without the illegal votes from noncitizens, Just Facts found President Trump would have carried enough states to win 285 Electoral College votes and a second term.

The results of illegal votes Just Facts claims Joe Biden received in the seven states high and low estimates are as follows:

  • Arizona: 51,081± 17,689
  • Georgia: 54,950± 19,025
  • Michigan: 22,585± 7,842
  • Nevada: 22,021± 7,717
  • North Carolina: 46,218± 16,001
  • Pennsylvania: 32,706± 11,332
  • Wisconsin: 5,010± 1,774


“This is just one kind of fraud,” Mr. Agresti told The Washington Times. “It’s a sizable number, which is the point. It also decimates the predominant narrative that there is no evidence of large-scale fraud in U.S. elections.”

Experts in the field of probability and data analysis defended the study.

“Instead of adding politics, vitriol, and bias to this timely, heated topic, this study provides a credible data analysis that supports a strong hypothesis of non-citizens having a significant effect on this election. Any serious critic should try improving on these estimates, as opposed to dismissing them with unproven claims,”United States Military AcademyProfessor Emeritus of Operations ResearchDr. Andrew Glen, Ph.D. stated.

This is not the first time Donald Trump claimed Democrats benefited from voter fraud and researchers produced reports that provided him correct.

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After the 2016 election President Trump claimed Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote because of millions of illegal ballots.

The fake news media smeared President Trump as a liar.

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But in 2014, Old Dominion professor Jesse Richman published the results of a study of the 2008 and 2010 elections showing 6.4 percent of noncitizens voted in the 2008 election and 2.2 percent of noncitizens voted in the 2010 midterms.

The fake news media reporters are lying when they claim there is no voter fraud or that noncitizens do not cast illegal ballots.

The question is trying to figure out the extent of the fraud and if it affects results.

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