Chuck Schumer Gloated Over a Victory That Could Be the Final Nail in the GOP’s Coffin

Democrats are putting in place the pieces for one of the biggest power grabs in American history.

If they win the 2020 election, all bets are off.

Chuck Schumer gloated over a victory that could be the final nail in the GOP’s coffin.

Democrats have gradually taken over the media, academia, and Hollywood through decades of weeding out dissenting voices.

They now enjoy a near monopoly in these cultural venues, but they still haven’t figured out a way to monopolize the election process.

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But it hasn’t been for a lack of trying.

Democrats embrace open borders because they get to import more voters over time, and they’re reviving another strategy to ensure political dominance: They are pushing for Washington, D.C. to become the 51st state.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell promoted the plan on her show:

“The House is going to vote tomorrow on whether Washington, D.C. should become the 51st state…This, as murals supporting statehood are popping up all over the city.”

She laid it on thick by criticizing Donald Trump for clearing out unruly protesters from a park near St. John’s Episcopal Church where rioters tried to burn it down.

Susan Rice, National Security Advisor under Barack Obama, has been promoting the idea of making D.C. the 51st state when she hasn’t been blaming the Russians for rioting and looting across the country.

D.C. is heavily Democratic, so granting statehood would give the Democrats two reliable senators and a governor.

This is why they want to do it.

Giving the Democrats two more senators would make it incredibly difficult for the Republicans to control the Senate, and a Democratic president would have an easy time placing important federal judges across the country.

They will argue autonomy from the federal government or taxation without representation, but the real reason is permanent votes.

If D.C. were overwhelmingly Republican, this discussion would never see the light of day.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser supported the measure by saying, “To have two senators that vote for us and speak for us, and a voting representative in Congress. But we also need it to make sure that our borders aren’t breached by the federal government.”

This is ridiculous because D.C. was meant to be a sovereign space for the federal government to limit interference from potentially adversarial governors.

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MSNBC had on presidential historian Jon Meacham to make that point:

“The original thinking was that the federal government needed a sovereign space. It was about independence, really. That’s the irony of this. They didn’t want to be in Pennsylvania…or New York, because the governors of New York or Pennsylvania might try to force them to do things. And so the idea was that it would be this kind of like Krypton, the planet, and the federal government would therefore be totally sovereign.”

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Meacham then argued that this logic was outdated, but that doesn’t make sense.

Granting statehood could put the White House under the thumb of a hostile governor.

D.C. was meant to be a place where politicians conduct business, and then return to their home states.

It was never meant to be its own concentration of power, but that’s precisely what the Democrats want.