Democrats Are Paying a Former Pimp to Develop This Vital Strategy

Democrats are moving forward with their insane plan to defund the police.

They’re trying unorthodox ways to keep order on the street.

Democrats are paying a former pimp to develop this vital strategy.

Seattle has been filled with violent protests for months and even had an autonomous zone set up that Mayor Jenny Durkan allowed to continue for weeks until the violence got completely out of hand.

Yet as radical as Durkan is, the Seattle City Council is worse.

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They overrode the mayor’s veto to force through a proposal to go forward with defunding the police and cut the police budget by 50% and cut 100 police from the force.

That isn’t all that Seattle is doing; they hired a former pimp to serve as a “street czar” with a 150K salary who consults on alternatives to traditional policing.

Andrè Taylor was convicted for being a pimp in 2000 and promised “war” against the city when his brother was killed by police in 2016.

“Me, as a Black man has the right to be paid for my genius or for whatever my organization can provide,” he told a local outlet. “Black people as a whole have not been in a place to be compensated for their genius or their work for a very, very long time.”

Now he’s signed a contract with the city’s government and for just $12,500 a month, he says he’ll sit down with “gang members, pimps and prostitutes who won’t sit down with anybody else.”

Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office said the deal would “help de-escalate the ongoing situation”using Taylor’s “lived experience.”

That’s not a wise way to spend taxpayer money and it isn’t a productive way to bring about peace.

“Taylor has previously worked with the city, receiving $100,000 for his nonprofit to host panel discussions called ‘Conversation with the Streets’ in 2019,” according to Fox News.

The cities in America that have given into the BLM mobs and defunded their police are going to have long-term problems.

In the ‘60s, property values went down 10% for black homeowners in cities that were marked by unrest.

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In Manhattan, empty apartments have reached record highs and rents have dropped by 10%.

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The rich and the upper class aren’t going to be the ones who suffer the most because of these changes, they are going to pick up and leave.

The policing tactics that are currently being used helped drop the homicide rate in America by 44 percent from the ‘90s.

Seattle doesn’t need to pay 150K to a former pimp to get the solutions for solving their crime problems, all they have to do is stop defunding the police and allow them to do their job.

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