Democrats Tried to Destroy Trump’s Potential SCOTUS Pick With This Dirty Past

The Democratic leadership tried every possible way to tear down Brett Kavanaugh’s character.

And it looks like they are going to try the same tactic again.

Democrats tried to destroy Trump’s potential SCOTUS pick with this dirty past.

When Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court, he was considered by everyone around him to have a good character.

This didn’t stop the Democrats from attacking him with an allegation of attempted rape that was so unsubstantiated that the Washington Post had refused to print them.

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Amy Coney Barrett, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, seems to be the frontrunner for the Supreme Court nomination, amid reports that she went to meet President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday afternoon.

The mainstream media are now trying to make it appear that Barrett is part of a cult akin to the fictional religious order in the Margaret Atwood book and television adaptation, “The Handmaid’s Tale,”because she has some ties to an interfaith community called “People of Praise.”

The current line of attack by the left is clearly ridiculous.

They are trying to make the public believe that a career woman with a large amount of power thinks that she should be subject to men in all things.

But this is all part of the Democrats’ belief that individuals who hold basic Judeo-Christian values are unfit to hold high office.

Barrett is Catholic, as are Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, yet in her case, her religion is deeply troubling.

“There are serious and deep concerns about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s affiliation with People of Praise and her past comments about the conflict between faith and law,” Andrew Seidel, a constitutional attorney told ABC.“Not only is her connection to this community and her previous writings fair to ask about, but senators have a duty to the Constitution to ask those questions.”

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They are also calling her an extremist because she has seven children, including one with Down syndrome and two adopted from Haiti.

In terms of Roe vs. Wade, The New York Times noted that in 2016, Barrett said “that the core holding of Roe v. Wade was that women had the right to an abortion, and that was not likely to change in the future, but how states restrict abortion might. ‘I think the question of whether people can get very late-term abortions, you know, how many restrictions can be put on clinics, I think that would change,’ she said.”

Judges make legal rulings based off of the law, not their personal beliefs and Barrett is a “textualist” who believes that judges should make their legal decisions based off of text of the law, not personal emotions.

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