Democrats Want to Trap William Barr Into a Huge Election Interference Confession

The left knows that the Obama administration’s crimes are about to bite them.

There’s only one trick left for them to try.

Democrats want to trap William Barr into a huge election interference confession.

There’s no doubt that the Durham investigation is going to be very bad for Joe Biden.

While he isn’t personally under investigation, the scandals of the Obama administration, where he was Vice President, are not going to make him look good.

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It’s become increasingly clear since the Mueller report was released that there was never any evidence to justify the investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign staff.

U.S. Attorney John Durham was assigned by Attorney General William Barr toinvestigate the origins of the Russian collusion hoax.

Durham’s investigation went from a review into a criminal investigation, which could signal that crimes were committed against the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Which is why Democrats would love to stop the information from the Durham investigation from being released.

Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell tried to push Barr into promising not to release the findings of the investigation until after the election.

“Under oath, under oath, do you commit to not releasing any report by Mr. Durham before the November election?” asked Mucarsel-Powell.

“No,” said Barr.

“You don’t commit to that?” the Congresswoman asked again.

Mucarsel-Powell went on to try and claim that releasing the results of the investigation went against Barr’s Department of Justice policy.

“I will be very careful—I know [what] Justice Department policy [is]. We’re not going to interfere. In fact, I’ve made it clear I’m not going tolerate interference.” Barr replied.

Rep. Mucarsel-Powell has a personal reason for wanting Trump to do badly.

She’s facing reelection and in danger of losing her seat in Florida’s 26th Congressional District running against Republican Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who is beating her 47% to 42%, according to a recent poll.

Another Democrat scandal may hurt her reelection chances even further.

The fact that the Durham investigation is making Democrats so worried is a sign that therewas serious wrongdoing in 2016.

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“Democrats are panicking over the possibility that U.S. Attorney John Durham could release the results from his criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia probe before the election,” wrote Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra.

“If a criminal conspiracy to take down Trump didn’t happen, why are they nervous?” he added.

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The Democrats can pretend that they currently have the upper hand over Trump, but their victory is not assured.

Not only is the Durham investigation going to come out, but also Joe Biden is a major liability to his own campaign and sooner or later he will have to debate against Trump.

The Democrats are scared about the election andthey have good reasons to be afraid.

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