Donald Trump Just Got Some Bad News About Impeachment From the Supreme Court

The Senate is about to tee up another impeachment trial for Donald Trump.

Trump’s political future hangs in the balance.

And Donald Trump just got some bad news about impeachment from the Supreme Court.

During a Senate impeachment trial for a President, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the proceeding.

But by the time the Senate begins its impeachment trial, Donald Trump will no longer be in office.

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And reports are circulating around Washington that Chief Justice John Roberts will decline to preside over Trump’s second impeachment trial.

That would leave Vice President Kamala Harris as the highest ranking officer in the Senate and it would fall to her to preside over the impeachment trial for Donald Trump.

POLITICO Playbook exclusively reports:

JOHN ROBERTS WANTS OUT OF JURY DUTY: Multiple Republican and Democratic sources close to the impeachment trial negotiations tell us that Supreme Court Chief Justice JOHN ROBERTS is looking to avoid presiding over impeachment proceedings.

We’re hearing that Roberts, who for years has sought to keep the courts apolitical, was not happy he became a top target of the left during Trump’s first impeachment trial. “He wants no further part of this,” one of our Hill sources says. A spokesperson for the chief justice declined to comment when our Josh Gerstein reached out.

The Constitution delegates the chief justice to oversee impeachments of presidents, but this time around Trump will be an ex-president. That’s why lawmakers and aides were talking through the weekend about two other figures who historically have presided over lower-level impeachments: the vice president and the longest-serving member of the chamber. But would KAMALA HARRIS really want to do this in her first week on the job? If not, Sen. PATRICK LEAHY (D-Vt.) could be the guy.

Many Americans judged this entire affair to be politically motivated with the Washington establishment ganging up on Donald Trump.

Kamala Harris presiding over Donald Trump’s impeachment trial would only signal that the game is indeed rigged against President Trump and the D.C. swamp would not let go of its desire for retribution after Trump committed the “unforgivable crime” of winning the 2016 Presidential Election.

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Even if Kamala Harris passed on the job, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate Vermont’s Patrick Leahy would preside over the impeachment trial.

Leahy is just as equally a mean-spirited and vicious partisan as Harris.

Harris or Leahy running a trial with rules passed along party line by Democrats would set up a nationally televised kangaroo court where Donald Trump’s enemies would exact their vengeance while the American people saw that once and for all the fix was in.

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