Donald Trump Shut Down Dr. Fauci With One Order That Took Everyone By Surprise

Donald Trump

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommendations and conduct during the coronavirus pandemic are coming under increasing scrutiny.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

That’s because Donald Trump shut down Dr. Fauci with one order that took everyone by surprise.

Democrats on the House Committee on Appropriations requested Dr. Fauci testify at a hearing this week.

The White House responded by rejecting the request from House Democrats to stage another one of their Stalinist show trials.

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“For the month of May, no task force members, or key deputies of task force members, may accept hearing invitations,” a White House memo outlining the decision read.


The White House did say Dr. Fauci and other task force members would be available at “the express approval of the chief of staff” which explained why Dr. Fauci would testify before a Senate committee this same week.

RealClearPolitics reported the Trump administration objected to what they saw as a political stunt.

“Administration officials tell RCP they don’t have a problem with task force members testifying (and, on a one-time basis, Fauci has been cleared to testify before a Senate committee later this week). But they bristle at what they characterize as political gamesmanship. Some complain that the hearing was a stunt, and officials fear that partisan bickering distracts from tackling the pandemic.,” RealClearPolitics’ Philip Wegmann reported.

Dr. Fauci knows how to play to his audience and the cameras.

When Dr. Fauci appears on Fox News and other conservative media, Dr. Fauci takes great care to praise the President and always highlights the decision to restrict travel from China that President Trump put into effect at the end of January.

But when Dr. Fauci sits for interviews with CNN or MSNBC, Dr. Fauci changes his story and offers up apocalyptic and doomsday prophecies and hints that President Trump dropped the ball on the administration response.

Democrats on the House Committee on Appropriations had no legitimate purpose in bringing in Dr. Fauci to testify.

But they did know that given a platform – and the hearings were sure to be televised on every cable news channel – Dr. Fauci would provide Democrats the sound bites they could use in campaign commercials attacking Trump during the campaign.

The White House saw what was happening and put a stop to it.

But this will not quiet the controversy surrounding Dr. Fauci and the eternal lockdown strategy.

The lockdowns caused 30 million Americans to lose their jobs and push entire sectors of the economy to the brink of extinction.

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For example, one report found that40 percent of bars in Washington, D.C. may never reopen their doors and close forever even after the lockdown ends.

Despite this economic calamity, Dr. Fauci is still questioning the wisdom of reopening the country by constantly shifting the goalposts to set ever more difficult milestones to reach to start sending Americans back to work.

And this is leading many Americans to wonder if President Trump should fire Dr. Fauci.

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