Fox News Picked Up a Comment About a Coronavirus Vaccine That You Won’t Believe

The coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the United States economy as governments locked down their states.

Americans are wondering when treatments and a cure will be available.

Fox News picked up a comment about a coronavirus vaccine that you won’t believe.

President Trump holds a daily White House coronavirus task force press briefing.

Before the briefing began, New York Times photographer Doug Mills supposedly joked with Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts that all the reporters and White House officials attending the briefing had been vaccinated.

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Mediaite exclusively reported:

“What do you know, buddy?” Mills asks Roberts, who tells him “You can take off the mask, the case fatality rate is 0.1 to 0.3 according to USC.”

Roberts was referencing a study that evaluated tests on a representative sample of 863 L.A. County residents. Roberts’ offhand advice — also potentially exaggerated for humorous effect — to “take off the mask” is not included in L.A. County public health officials’ findings from the study, which include the need to continue “broad social distancing measures.”

“Really? That’s reassuring,” Mills tells Roberts, then cracks “Everybody here has been vaccinated anyway.”

Without missing a beat, Roberts details some of the study’s findings, telling him “USC and LA County public health came out with a study that found that there are 7,000 cases in California but they really believe there are anywhere from 221, 000 to 442,000 people who are infected.”

Currently there is no coronavirus vaccine.

Around the world, there are 92 different coronavirus vaccines under development.

Oxford University in England and Johnson and Johnson in America believe they can have a candidate ready for human trials by September.

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn stated that his timeline to have one ready was March 2021.

That would be record time.

Vaccines currently take 12 to 18 months to usually come to market.

But because the coronavirus pandemic shut down global economies, there is a mad rush to develop a vaccine.

The prospective coronavirus vaccines rocketed into human trials in record time.

This could be in large part because of previous work on a SARS vaccine.

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SARS broke out in Asia in 2003 and 2004, infected 8,000 people and killed 800 for a frightening mortality rate of 10 percent.

But the virus eventually faded away.

Work on a SARS vaccine reached the animal testing phase, but the project was abandoned after SARS virus disappeared.

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But since SARS is a coronavirus, some think researchers were not starting from scratch when they began working on a vaccine for COVID-19 – commonly known as the coronavirus.

Currently, all 50 states have banned mass gatherings such as concerts and sporting events.

The news that the vaccine is rapidly moving through testing phases and could possibly be available to the public by next spring is the best news Americans could hope for.

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