Hillary Clinton Made One Demand of Rush Limbaugh That No One Saw Coming

All of Donald Trump’s enemies are piling on in the wake of the riot at the Capitol.

But they are also targeting the President’s supporters as well.

And Hillary Clinton made one demand of Rush Limbaugh that no one saw coming.

Despite the fact that it was Joe Biden who campaigned for President on a platform of “unity” and “healing,” liberals believe the burden is on President Trump and his supporters to bridge the partisan divide.

Hillary Clinton doubled down on this line of attack in a post on Twitter calling on conservative media figures to initiate the healing process by admitting that Joe Biden won a free and fair election.

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“Here’s how elected Republicans and conservative media can begin the healing and unifying process: Accurately state that Joe Biden was duly elected president in a free and fair election. Urge Trump supporters to refrain from further violence. For a start,” Clinton wrote.

For weeks conservative pundits and reporters like Rush Limbaugh pointed out all the unfair ways Democrats gamed the legal system and through friendly judges and Secretaries of States unilaterally changed election law to loosen the rules to encourage historically high levels of mail-in voting.

Republicans’ objections to the results of Arizona and Texas were centered on making the point that states did not obey their own voting laws.

But when the rioters descended upon the Capitol the narrative switched to blaming President Trump for inciting a riot.

President Trump said he did no such thing and pointed to his own words from his speech at a “March to Save America” rally prior to the rioters marching on the Capitol.

Critics claim the President ignited the attack in the Capitol by telling his supporters to march on the Capitol.

But the critics were leaving out crucial words from the President.

In his speech President Trump told his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. Today, we will see whether Republicans stand strong for integrity of our elections. But whether or not they stand strong for our country, our country. Our country has been under siege for a long time. Far longer than this four year period,” the President declared.

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The media coverage of the President’s speech and the riot leaves out that context.

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President Trump asked for his supporters to peacefully protest at the Capitol as Congress certified the Electoral College results.

The resulting mayhem was horrific and had no place in the political process.

Trump supporters believe Hillary Clinton and those on the left and Never Trump Republicans are lying about what the President said to build momentum for another impeachment sham.

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