Hunter Biden Had a Mental Breakdown When a Witness Said These Four Words

Hunter Biden is desperately trying to escape the scandals that he caused himself.

But his denial backfired in a major way.

Hunter Biden had a mental breakdown when a witness said these four words.

Hunter Biden is now trying to deny that he personally left the now-notorious computer at a Delaware repairman’s store in 2019.

“You didn’t drop off a laptop to be repaired, in Delaware?” he was asked in an interview on CBS.

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“No. Not that I remember at all. At all.”  Hunter replied though he did admit the computer “certainly” could be his.

“There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me, it could be that I was hacked, it could be that it was Russian intelligence,” said Biden.

“Was that your laptop?” CBS News reporter Tracy Smith asked Biden.

“For real, I don’t know,” said Biden, adding that the device “certainly” could be his.

But Hunter’s memory is not to be trusted, in his book he said that he had no memory of Lunden Roberts, 28, the stripper who he fathered a child with. However, he met multiple times with her during a period of at least five months and knew her well enough to have her in his phone contacts.

A lawyer for John Paul Mac Isaac disputed Hunter Biden’s claim that the computer was left by someone else.

“There’s no doubt that he knows it’s his and that he’s the one that dropped it off,” Brian Della Rocca, a lawyer for Isaac, said in a podcast interview with Just the News.

“It was him. He did that. He signed the work order,” the lawyer told Just the News.

He also said he thinks that Biden “was probably coached” on how to respond to interview questions beforehand.

“The way he was asked were such softball questions,” Della Rocca said.

“The Post interviewed the owner of the computer repair shop. We checked the dates and content of some of the emails against real-life events. We looked at the literally thousands of pictures of Hunter Biden on the hard drive. We did the reporting. It’s his laptop,” the New York Post reported.

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They also noted that Hunter’s reliance on drugs could make his memory faulty.

“The troubled son knows that he left the laptop at a Delaware repair shop and then forgot about it. How could he forget about something like that? Well, he admits that he’s relapsed on drugs as recently as last year’s presidential campaign,” the Post noted.

The fact is that Hunter Biden isn’t willing to deny that he left the computer at the shop, just that he has no memory of it. And even Hunter himself admitted that can’t be trusted.

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