Ilhan Omar Is Worried That These Five Words Will Put Her Out Of A Job

Ilhan Omar’s reelection should have been a walk in the park.

But because of her own insanity, it’s causing her to stumble.

And now, Omar is worried these five words will put her out of a job.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is probably wishing she hadn’t paid her husband’s consulting firm ridiculous prices for his campaign consulting.

She’s paid his company over $1.6 million in campaign funds and now she’s running her campaign at a financial disadvantage.

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But it’s not surprising Omar is having a hard time getting reelected.

Her personal life is so messed up, it belongs in a soap opera – she’s ungrateful to America and wants to tear the system down, tried to minimize 9/11 as “some” thing, and is anti-Semitic.

Even Minnesota Star-Tribune, the largest newspaper in the state, has turned against her and endorsed her primary challenger.

The paper said that Omar “wants to lead a movement” while Democratic candidate Antone Melton-Meaux will focus on the people of Minnesota.

“Melton-Meaux brings a different sensibility to this race, one grounded in helping resolve disputes to move forward — a skill this country is much in need of,” the Star-Tribune says.

“Whether it’s health care, criminal justice or affordable housing, Melton-Meaux appears progressive, but pragmatic. While Omar wants to lead a movement, Melton-Meaux seeks to serve the Fifth District.”

It appears Omar’s radical solutions may have gone too far even for one of the most Democratic districts in the country.

“Omar’s 2018 victory launched her into the national spotlight as the first Muslim woman and first refugee elected to Congress. But her time has been marred by missteps, including remarks on Israel widely regarded as anti-Semitic, an outsized number of missed votes, and campaign-finance issues,” the board continued, noting that, “Omar has sent more than $1.6 million to her husband’s D.C. political consulting firm, E Street Group, and is herself the target of a Federal Election Commission complaint regarding travel expenses.”

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Antone Melton-Meaux holds many of the same radical views as Omar, but his private life doesn’t seem to be plagued with the same personal scandals.

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“It is just these kinds of ethical distractions that the Fifth District could do without,” the Minnesota Star-Tribune continued.

“In the Editorial Board interview, Omar took little responsibility for her rocky start, instead largely blaming her critics and saying her failing was perhaps in not realizing what a ‘special unicorn’ she would be in Congress.”

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