Joe Biden Had Some Bad News About the Illegal Alien Caravan and the Border Crisis

The situation at the border is ready to explode.

Americans are horrified at the images they see on television coming out of Central America.

And now Joe Biden had some bad news about the illegal alien caravan and the border crisis.

A caravan of 9,000 illegal aliens gathered in Honduras to begin a march on the U.S. southern border.

2,000 more illegal aliens violently fought through police in Guatemala as they stampeded toward America.

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Video of illegal aliens shows many admitting that they are storming the border in hopes of getting citizenship in Joe Biden’s proposed amnesty.

And the message Joe Biden sent to the illegal aliens pressing forward towards America was “help is on the way.”

NBC News reported:

A senior Biden transition team official said the perception that the Biden administration will be able to allow all arriving asylum seekers to enter the U.S. to make their claim on day one is false.

“The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight,” the transition official told NBC News in an exclusive interview.

But the official declined to say when asylum seekers might be able to come to the U.S. and whether they will be detained as they await a court hearing.

One the same day a Biden official threw a lifeline to illegal aliens and their hopes of one day pouring into America, Joe Biden dropped another political grenade into the immigration debate in the form of his proposal to destroy American sovereignty and open up the borders.

The Biden amnesty plan grants citizenship to the 11 million illegal aliens in the country.

But it gets even worse.

Biden’s scheme is a magnet to draw in millions of more illegal aliens to jump on the citizenship train.

The Washington Post reports, “Biden hopes to reinstate a program granting minors from Central America temporary legal residence in the United States. The Trump administration terminated the program in August 2017, officials said. The administration also wants to set up a reunification program for Central American relatives of U.S. citizens that would allow those who have been already approved for U.S. residency to be admitted into the country, rather than waiting at home for an opening. The program would be similar to ones that existed for Cubans and Haitians but also were ended by the Trump administration.”

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New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez boasted that the Biden amnesty scheme was even more pro-open borders than the 2013 Gang of Eight amnesty giveaway.

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The Washington Post reported that “Menendez, a veteran of the 2013 immigration effort, said he believed the proposal from the incoming Biden administration was ‘definitely’ more liberal than the compromise he helped negotiate as part of the ‘Gang of Eight,’ which ultimately included a surge of border security resources that immigration advocates said was too draconian.”

Joe Biden claimed to be a moderate whose goal was to unify the country.

But his first legislative priority rolls out the red carpet for illegal aliens through a divisive open borders proposal that would transform America overnight.

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