Joe Biden Made a Racist Gaffe That Could Cost Him One Key Swing State

The presidential campaign of Joe Biden seems to be in real trouble these days.

That’s why he has finally left his basement and traveled to some of the key battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

And Joe Biden made a racist gaffe that could cost him one key swing state.

There are a number of truths in American politics.

And probably none is more important than this: Don’t turn off or alienate your base.

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Or as Ronald Reagan used to like to say, “Dance with the one that brung ya.”

Through the years, Republicans have generally failed miserably at this and many political observers argue it’s exactly why they continually lose elections and can’t seem to keep control once they get it.

Meanwhile, Democrats have historically been very good at keeping their base happy.

You can see this very clearly today as the National DemocraticParty has become a Socialist Party in response to the most radical among its diverse base of gun grabbers, abortionists, radical homosexuals and tax-and-spend limousine liberals.

They’ve decided to worship at the feet of Antifa terrorists and George Soros-style billionaire socialists, and it so far is serving them well.

Well, they seem to have forgotten to tell their presidential nominee this important information.

So, last week in the must-win state of Michigan, Joe Biden attacked his own base.

The former Vice President suggested in a CNN interview last Thursday that voters in the pivotal Macomb County, Michigan, only voted for Trump in 2016 and abandoned the Democrat Party because they are racist.

What better way to make sure to bring voters back to your side than to accuse them of racism?

In the interview with Jake Tapper, Biden said that some Democrat voters felt “taken for granted,” and then he shockingly speculated that these voters only responded to Trump using a “dog whistle” on race.

Never mind that voters were fed up with the failed and corrupt policies of the Obama administration. Ignore the fact that the Democrat 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton chose not to campaign in Michigan, failing to see how despised she was.

And of course, forget the fact that the hard leftward turn of the nation under Obama had put millions of Americans out of work and worse off than they were before Obama’s gang took power.

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Nope, according to the former Vice President, it was none of that, it was racism.

Republicans and conservatives are used to the racism charge every election year from the Democrats, but to attack their own party’s voters with that charge is highly unusual and is certainly a bold strategy.

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Of course, Biden is no stranger to playing the race card when it suits him.

Just this past June, he claimed that 10 to 15 percent of the American people — that’s 30 to 45 million voters — are “not very good people,” implying that they are all racists.

While playing the race card and claiming anyone who disagrees with them on anything are racists is used repeatedly by Democrats, attacking such a large portion of the voting public is not usually a part of that play.

And, attacking your own party, and your own base, for being racist is a sure way to lose a state like Michigan, and the election.