Joe Biden Revealed a Shocking New Campaign Strategy on Fox News

By now, everyone knows Joe Biden won’t be answering any tough questions from reporters.

So, it seemed he was sending his top media guy out to handle the media’s questions for him.

But then Joe Biden revealed a shocking new campaign strategy on Fox News.

No matter your political leanings, one thing has become painfully clear to anyone paying attention.

Joe Biden is ill.

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That is not said in a mean-spirited or political attack fashion, but rather as a cold, hard fact.

It has become more and more evident over the last few weeks that the Democrat presidential nominee is barely able to put two words together, let alone deliver any kind of coherent speech.

There’s a reason his handlers and family have kept him away from the public spotlight for so long, even though he is supposed to be the top public figure of the Democrat Party.

So, it seemed to make perfect sense when the Biden campaign put its hotshot young national press secretary TJ Ducklo out there to field questions normally reserved for the candidate himself.

But then, in short order, America realized he wasn’t put out in the media to answer questions on behalf of the mentally impaired former Vice President, but rather to continue not answering questions.

It seems the entire campaign is built around a strategy of not answering questions, at all.

Well, at least not questions about anything of substance, or any issue positions, or policy platforms—you know, the stuff voters want to hear about.

And, as Fox News viewers just found out, part of this new strategy is to attack anyone who dares to ask such questions.

Biden’s national press secretary appeared on Fox last Thursday and completely lost his cool when he was asked whether the Democrat nominee ever used teleprompters during interviews with reporters.

Fox’s Bret Baier asked Ducklo what most thought was a very simple question, “Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Q&A with supporters?”

“Bret, we’re not gonna — this is straight from the Trump campaign talking points,” Ducklo responded.

Ducklo instead said, “What it does, Bret, is it’s trying to distract the American people.”

Baier pressed the spokesman, “Can you say yes or no?”

The two then went back-and-forth, with Baier asking Ducklo several times to simply answer the question.

Ducklo never did.

And his refusal to answer the question raised eyebrows across the political spectrum and even in the liberal media.

Joe Concha of the liberal leaning The Hill tweeted out, “Biden spox asked by Bret Baier if Biden uses a teleprompter in interviews. Spokesman accuses Baier — one of the most respected journalists in the business — of pushing Trump talking points while refusing to answer yes or no. Attacking the messenger means you’ve lost the argument.”

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But even more telling, but largely overshadowed by the teleprompter dust up was earlier in the interview when Biden’s spokesman lost his temper and attacked Baier on another question he refused to answer.

The Fox News host asked a fairly simple and straightforward question that most Americans would love to know the answer to -whatJoe Biden wouldhave done differently than President Trump in handling COVID-19.

Instead of answering the question, Ducklo bizarrely responded by insisting Biden was not against Trump’s travel ban.

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“Let me just clarify,” Baier said. “You’re saying that Joe Biden was for closing down travel from China when the president did it?”

The Biden for President spokesman then aggressively attacked Fox News by saying, “I know you all like to cite the travel ban.”

Baier responded, explaining, “That’s why I’m bringing it up. Obviously, it’s going to be in the debate.”

Well if there is a debate, that is, and if Joe Biden, or even a spokesman, shows up ready to answer a single question.