Michelle Obama Proposed One Drastic Step to Shut Down Donald Trump

All of Donald Trump’s enemies are piling on.

The entire Trump-hating faction of American elites sensed the mayhem at the Capitol was their chance to bury President Trump’s political career.

And Michelle Obama proposed one drastic step to shut down Donald Trump.

Democrats, the fake news media and Never Trump RINOs all claimed Donald Trump incited the riot at the Capitol.

The violence was inexcusable but President Trump encouraged his supporters to peacefully protest and use primary challenges to hold Republicans that supported certifying the Electoral College accountable.

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But tech companies claimed that because the President told his supporters to walk over to the Capitol, he was fomenting insurrection and Twitter and Facebook censored the President by temporarily suspending his accounts.

Michelle Obama erupted in anger demanding Twitter and Facebook permanently censor President Trump.

“Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior — and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection,” former First Lady Obama raged.

Big Tech censorship helped rig the presidential election when Twitter and Facebook intervened in the election by banning users for posting negative stories about Joe Biden.

Obama went further alleging the violence was Donald Trump’s fault while at the same time lying about the Black Lives Matter riots and insurrection being a peaceful protest.

In her statement Obama attacked the violent protesters as the picture of white privilege.

“Like all of you, I watched as a gang — organized, violent, and mad they’d lost an election — laid siege to the United States Capitol. They set up gallows. They proudly waved the traitorous flag of the Confederacy through the halls,” Obama added. “They desecrated the center of American government. And once authorities finally gained control of the situation, these rioters and gang members were led out of the building not in handcuffs, but free to carry on with their days,” Obama added.

Police did not give these protesters a free pass because they were white Trump supporters.

A white woman—a 14-year Air Force veteran—was shot in the head and killed while trying to break into the Capitol.

She did not exit the building free to go about her day.

But Black Lives Matter rioters did get free passes to go about their lives.

Kamala Harris and campaign staffers for Joe Biden raised money to pay the bail of rioters arrested in Minneapolis.

Some of these thugs Harris and Biden staffers freed went on to commit violent crimes.

Obama claimed the riot was the fault of President Trump and he should never be allowed to speak online again.

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“The day was a fulfillment of the wishes of an infantile and unpatriotic president who can’t handle the truth of his own failures. And the wreckage lays at the feet of a party and media apparatus that gleefully cheered him on, knowing full well the possibility of consequences like these,” Obama added.

When CNN and other left-wing outlets began their censorship campaign, they started with pro-Trump radio host Alex Jones.

Jones was an easy target because the media labeled him a conspiracy theorist and the reporters that demanded tech companies ban him argued that Jones was especially toxic and the Communist Chinese-style censorship regime they advocated for would never suppress mainstream conservatives.

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That was a lie.

The real target was always the President of the United States.

And now America is experiencing a situation where the Communist Chinese government can freely post about genocide and Muslims in re-education camps, but the President of the United States is censored while the former First Lady of the United States demands her ideological fellow travelers in Silicon Valley silence her political opposition once and for all.

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