Mitch McConnell May Lose His Job After a Big Impeachment Betrayal Backfired

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spent years wishing he could get rid of Donald Trump.

McConnell gambled that the riot at the Capitol was his time to strike.

But now Mitch McConnell may lose his job after a big impeachment betrayal backfired.

Mitch McConnell’s made it clear by dropping a steady stream of hints that he wants to convict Donald Trump on the House of Representatives’ sham article of impeachment and ban Trump from ever running for office again.

McConnell hates Trump’s voters and falsely believes the only path forward for the GOP is exiling Donald Trump and his base.

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But Senate Republicans threw a brushback pitch under McConnell’s chin that moving to convict the President would cost him his leadership position.

When asked if McConnell could remain the Republicans’ leader in the Senate if he voted to convict Trump, one unnamed “senior” Republican told CNN,”If he does, I don’t know if he can stay as leader.”

Other Republicans had the courage to go on the record and declare that McConnell would lose the authority to lead if he voted to convict Donald Trump.

“No, no, no,” Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson exclaimed when CNN asked if McConnell could remain as leader after a vote to convict Trump.

Johnson explained that an impeachment trial after Trump left office set a “dangerous precedent” and that “I don’t even think we should be having a trial” since the Constitution includes impeachment as a remedy for Congress to remove a President from office.

Other Republicans more diplomatically pointed out McConnell traveled down a disastrous path by supporting conviction.

Even South Carolina RINO Lindsey Graham understood that the only path forward for the GOP was a united conservative movement which meant that Senate Republicans could not poke their finger in the eye of Donald Trump and his 75,000,000 voters.

“What good comes from impeaching a guy in Florida?” Graham stated. “I think if any Republican-leader type who embraces that is doing a lot of damage to the party.”

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“For the party to move forward, we got to move the party with Donald Trump,” Graham said in an interview. “There’s no way to be a successful Republican Party without having President Trump working with all of us and all of us working with him. That’s just a fact. And I think we got a decent chance of coming back in 2022. But we can’t do it without the President,” Graham added.

Mitch McConnell built a reputation as a political power play with an unmatched instinct of knowing when to hold them and when to fold them.

But McConnell’s personal resentment toward Trump and the Republican base is blinding him to the reality of the situation.

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