Nancy Pelosi Made an On-Camera Confession About Brett Kavanaugh Democrats Regretted

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have been feeling the heat.

And the pressure finally made her snap.

Nancy Pelosi made an on-camera confession about Brett Kavanaugh that Democrats regretted.

Democrats were thrown off stride when Tara Reade’s credible accusation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 took over the presidential campaign.

Reade’s allegation – which is backed up by multiple corroborating witnesses and footage of Reade’s mother calling into an August 11, 1991 episode of the Larry King show – forced Democrats to answer for their “believe all women” standard they set during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

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During a recent press conference, a reporter asked Pelosi about the double standard of condemning Brett Kavanaugh, but defending Joe Biden.

This question set off the already mentally fragile Pelosi and caused the Speaker of the House to break down into a televised temper tantrum.

“I have complete respect for the whole #MeToo movement. I have four daughters and one son, and there is a lot of excitement around the idea that women will be heard and be listened to,” Pelosi ranted. “There is also due process, and the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden. There [have] been statements from his campaign, not his campaign but his former employees who ran his offices and the rest, that there was never any record of this. There was never any record. Nobody ever came forward to say something about it apart from the principal involved.”

Pelosi then said she did not have to “believe all women” because she knew Joe Biden and that was enough for her.

“I have a great comfort level with the situation as I see it, with all the respect in the world for any woman who comes forward, with all the highest regard for Joe Biden. That is what I have to say about that,” Pelosi added.

Pelosi’s rant served as a confession that “believe all women” really meant “believe all women as long as it is politically beneficial to the Democrat Party.”

The Speaker of the House launched into a tirade because in her core, Pelosi knew she was defending the indefensible.

There is far more evidence – in the form of video footage and corroborating witnesses – that back up Tara Reade’s allegation than support Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against Brett Kavanaugh.

In fact, just one single shred of evidence – and Reade has mountains – is more than what Christine Blasey Ford presented.

When the FBI conducted their supplemental background investigation into Blasey Ford’s allegations, the people Blasey Ford claimed were corroborating witnesses denied having any knowledge of the alleged assault.

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Democrats like Pelosi are now being hoisted by their own petard.

And this scandal is only growing worse for Joe Biden after a disastrous interview where Biden acted like a guilty man with something to hide by not agreeing to release his Senate papers being housed at the University of Delaware.

This growing scandal will continue to cause headaches for Pelosi which will lead to more public meltdowns.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.