Nancy Pelosi Met This Crushing Blow. Her Biggest Supporters Turned on Her

Top Democrats are trying to make the most of the current crisis.

But their latest stunt just blew up in their faces.

Nancy Pelosi met this crushing blow. Her biggest supporters turned on her.

The left believe cultural appropriation is a terrible thing.

Yet Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats opted to wear a kente cloth, a traditional piece of Ghana clothing that represents the Ghanaian cultural identity while bowing the knee, following the example of Colin Kaepernick.

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They were announcing police reforms in a bill they named the “Justice in Policing Act.”

It was a symbolic gesture without any meaning.

The kente cloth isn’t even a part of African American culture. It’s not a brave act of solidarity, it’s a cheap marketing ploy to make Democrats look good.

“I have to say— I thought there was at least one or two things that the Democrats wouldn’t stoop to for the black vote, but there is apparently nothing,” Blexit founder Candace Owens noted. “Dressing in African garb and getting on their knees for a photo op because it’s Monday, & only 4 months to November.”

The Democrat leadership will try and get as many good campaign pictures as they can, but playing dress up in African clothing isn’t helping the black community.

Jeffrey A Dove Jr., a Republican running in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, responded: “Does wearing kente cloth and taking a knee mean you are all of a sudden ‘down with the struggle’? This is why people hate disingenuous politicians. Speaker Pelosi was there for the 94 crime bill. She is part of the problem.”

Even the Washington Post stopped and questioned the Democrats’ choice of garb.

Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah said on Twitter, “I look at this and think, who is the audience for this performance? Why was this necessary?”

The Democrats are looking to virtue signal without making the hard changes that would help the structural challenges that African Americans face.

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Children who grow up without a father and in inner city schools are going to have a difficult time.

Democrats act like their simple fixes will make the problems disappear and that’s not the case.

Pro-life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha released a video in which she said, “Excuse me, dear Democrats, in your tokenism, you didn’t wait to find out that this thing that you’re hanging around your neck is not just some African uniform, it’s actually the Kente material,” Ekeocha continued. “The Kente belongs to the Ghanaian people, mainly the Ashanti Tribe. Excuse me, Democrats. Don’t treat Africans like we’re children. These fabrics and these colorful things that we have within our culture and tradition, they all mean something to us. I know you look at us and you say, ‘oh Africans are so cute in all your colorful dresses.’”

The Democrats are oversensitive about cultural appropriation, but taking a garment of another culture to make a meaningful gesture just made the Democratic leadership look foolish.