Nancy Pelosi Was Blown Away to Find Out What Her Closest Allies Privately Believed

Nancy Pelosi thought she had her ducks all lined up.

But she made a critical mistake.

And Nancy Pelosi was blown away to find out what her closest allies privately believed.

The 2022 midterm elections are approaching faster than many in the Democrat Party would care to acknowledge.

Democrats hold their narrowest majority since World War 2.

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Republicans only need to flip five seats to reclaim the majority.

Some Democrats believe they can ride on life returning to normal and the ensuing economic boom to defy the history that the president’s party usually loses on average over 20 seats in a midterm election.

Pelosi also tried to set the table to smear the GOP as the party of “insurrection” and “sedition” by forcing votes on an independent commission to investigate the events of January 6.

In addition, Republicans hold the upper hand in redistricting due to their dominance at the state House level.

Republican state legislatures control the power to redraw the maps of over 180 House seats compared to Democrats being able to draw the maps for around half of that number.

However, not even Democrat staffers in the House and Senate think it will work.

A poll of staffers from Punchbowl News found 78 percent of Capitol Hill aides thought the GOP would win control of the House of Representatives, which also included 57 percent of Democrat staffers that thought Americans would sweep out their majority next November.

Breitbart reported:

Seventy-eight percent of senior Capitol Hill aides believe Republicans will regain the House in 2022, up 12 percent from April, according to a poll released Monday.

The Punchbowl News poll also included responses by party, which showed 57 percent of Democrat Hill staffers believe Republicans will regain control.

Additionally, 99 percent of the Republicans on the Hill believe their party will regain control of the House, ending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) short four-year reign of trying to push through her radical, one-sided agenda.

The roaring economy Democrats envisioned is not materializing.

The April and May jobs reports fell short of expectations as Joe Biden’s enhanced unemployment benefits paid Americans more to sit home and collect government checks than go back to work.

U.S. job openings hit a record 9.3 million in April, up from 8.3 million in March.

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To make matters worse, the key inflation metric known as the core price index rose by 3.1 percent in April, the biggest jump since 1992.

Inflation is a backdoor tax increase that diminishes the purchasing power of Americans’ paychecks.

Democrat staffers felt freely to respond to an anonymous poll and they don’t believe the planned talking points and campaign strategy will be enough to overcome the political environment turning against Democrats combined with the Republicans’ advantage in redistricting in next year’s election.

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