Rush Limbaugh Explained That One Dangerous Thing Happened After Joe Biden Took Office

Joe Biden’s only been in office a few days.

But all hell is already breaking loose.

And Rush Limbaugh explained that one dangerous thing happened after Joe Biden took office.

On the first day Joe Biden was in office, violence broke out in Iraq and in American streets.

Insurrectionists—both foreign and domestic—tested the new Joe Biden administration and found it weak and wanting.

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Rush Limbaugh reported that in 24 hours,twin suicide bombings devastated markets in Baghdad, Iraq and antifa terrorists pillaged Portland.

“The foreign policy failures of the Biden regime are starting to mount here, folks. You look at the timeline here. Joe Biden’s inauguration triggered violence in American cities and abroad. Did you see what’s going on in Portland? Did you see the violence in Portland? Antifa is attacking Democrat Party buildings. And the political powers that be in Portland are begging them to stop with megaphones, with Al Sharpton megaphones today begging them to stop,” Limbaugh stated.

In Iraq the suicide bombs killed at least 32 innocent civilians and injured 110 more.

Out in Portland, domestic antifa terrorists made Biden look like a fool.

A violent mob chanted “f^&* Joe Biden” as they destroyed a local Democrat Party headquarters.

“They kept the town roiled and shut down just to damage the economy so that reelecting Trump would be harder. Last night in Portland they had a riot. They attacked the Democrat Party of Oregon headquarters,” Limbaugh added.

In the first presidential debate, Joe Biden refused to condemn antifa by name.

Instead Biden falsely claimed that antifa was not a real group, but instead was merely an idea.

Biden and other Democrats cannot call out antifa by name because it would expose the lie they peddle that white supremacist terrorists are the only threat America faces.

The organizing principle of the people that call the shots in the Democrat Party—and that is not the mentally diminished Joe Biden—is that all 75,000,000 Trump voters are racists and extremists that need to be destroyed in a new war on domestic terror.

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Neither Joe Biden nor any of his paid liars in his press shop could bring themselves to condemn insurrectionists that chanted profanities about Biden and trashed a headquarters of the party Joe Biden claims to run.

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It would be a political equivalent of an uncontested layup for Joe Biden to come out strong against the antifa rioters and take concrete steps towards unity by condemning violence by all political movements by repudiating antifa by name.

But Joe Biden’s handlers won’t feed him that script.

Instead Rush Limbaugh noted that Americans are appreciating the fact that Biden’s term really will be Obama’s third term where the situation in the Middle East deteriorates and left-wing insurrectionists terrorize American cities.

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