Rush Limbaugh Made One Surprising Prediction About the Outcome of the 2020 Election

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2020 has proven to be the most unpredictable year in many Americans’ lifetimes.

There has been an impeachment trial, a pandemic, an economic crisis and the death of a Supreme Court Justice.

The polls show Joe Biden leading, but Rush Limbaugh made one surprising prediction about the outcome of the 2020 election.

Rush Limbaugh didn’t believe the polls in 2016.

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And he raises serious doubt about the polls that are conducted by left-wing media organizations.

Instead, Limbaugh pointed to a column by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewendowski noting that contrary to the fake news narrative, Donald Trump is playing offense in 2016 as New Hampshire, Nevada and Minnesota are in play.

Lewendowski cited the fact that in 2016, Clinton only beat Trump in New Hampshire by 2,700 votes.

In 2020, Joe Biden finished fifth in the New Hampshire primary whereas Donald Trump won the biggest primary win for an incumbent seeking re-election since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Lewendowski noted that in Minnesota, John McCain lost the state by 10 points in 2008 but Trump narrowly missed winning by just 1.5 points in 2016 as evidence the state is slowly trending red.

Trump is improving his poll numbers with Hispanics and the state’s Democrat governor’s extended lockdown gives Trump a chance to carry a state he lost by just 27,000 votes in 2016.

Rush took stock of the state of play and saw a potential Trump landslide forming.

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“Everybody thinks that if he won Wisconsin in 2016, he’s gotta win it again. If he won Florida, he’s gotta win it again. And Lewandowski’s point, no, that’s not how Trump’s looking at it, not how the campaign is looking at it. I think — and this is just a setup here ’cause I’m gonna have much more on this. In fact, I promise I’ll open the next hour with this, my current assessment. But I think there is a 60-40 chance now that Trump wins this if he keeps working on these foreign policy coups,” Limbaugh stated.

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Limbaugh explained his confidence stemmed in large part from the Democrats and the fake news media extensively talking about how because of mail-in voting, the election won’t be decided for weeks.

This – Limbaugh theorized – meant the Democrats were already conceding the fact that Trump would win decisively on election night and the left would strive to overturn the result with endless recounts and extended windows to count late arriving mail-in votes.

“The Democrats seem like they’re shifting to talking about ways to reverse an Election Day loss by mail-ins. The Democrats are now conceding that — and they’re warning their voters. ‘Hey, look, on election night it might look like Trump has won in a landslide. But don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry, because the mail-in ballots and the absentees will be yet to come.’ But they are concerned. They’re now talking about ways to reverse an Election Day landslide loss that they’re conceding.”

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