Sean Hannity Made a Confession About the Polls That Surprised Trump Supporters

The polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump as the clock ticks down on the Presidential Election.

But everyone wants to know if they can believe those numbers.

And Sean Hannity made a confession about the polls that surprised Trump supporters.

In a segment with columnist and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich and former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Hannity gave his appraisal of the current polling data.

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 10 points.

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Hannity told Pavlich and Sanders that he didn’t believe the polls because at this time the polls showed Hillary Clinton with a commanding advantage over Donald Trump.

“I believe we’re seeing very similar numbers to that which we saw in 2016. I don’t believe them. I never believed them in 2016, I didn’t believe the exit polls when they came out in 2016 either,” Hannity declared.

And that is true.

Around this time in 2016, Real Clear Politics’ averages of all the polls showed Hillary with a seven-point lead over Trump.

Hannity blasted the media polls as “always an effort to deflate conservative enthusiasm,” and Hannity continued, “My attitude is anybody that says they know how this election is going to turn out I think is wrong. I cannot tell the audience tonight how this election is going to turn out. I would just say act like your six points down, you’re on your own 20, you’ve got 2 minutes left in the game.”

“I don’t believe that this president will ever poll accurately. There’s always been certain political figures that you can’t poll,” Hannity added.

And there is truth to this as well.

Live operator polls show a much larger Biden lead than automated polls where respondents don’t have to tell another human being who they support.

In another segment with conservative commentator Dan Bongino and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Hannity attacked the accuracy of the polls by questioning if the polls were picking up the new voters Donald Trump was bringing into the Republican Party.

“They cannot discount the number of people coming out. They cannot discount the boat parades, they cannot discount all the supporters out there. None of us are going to answer polls, we know who we’re voting for,” Hannity stated.

“I’ve never been polled my whole life,” Hannity exclaimed.

This is true as well.

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In states like Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Republicans significantly outnumbered Democrats in terms of registering new voters.

It is an open question if the polls are picking this up.

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The polls may be right.

But they could also be very wrong.

There have been significant polling errors in the past.

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