These Trump Supporters Watch the Flames Rise After This Shocking Confrontation

There are many problems facing the world today.

But somehow, the left-leaning mob always has a way to make it worse.

Now, these Trump supporters watch the flames rise after this shocking confrontation.

The Democrats have been crying “burn it all down” since the peaceful protests turned into an excuse to execute mass violence against the cities of America.

Now it appears their cry has come true in a terrifying new way.

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While before, looting, burning, and other acts of destruction were mostly contained in the cities, now it appears the threshold has spread.

Whether tensions are getting higher due to the upcoming election or the anarchists believe they are not getting what they want, the fact is that now they have spread their violence beyond the city limits.

Last Tuesday, a group of unknown arsonists set off explosives and attacked the home of two Trump supporters in Minnesota.

They burned down the garage, destroyed several of their vehicles, as well as the Trump sign in their yard out front.

In addition, the homeowners saw them spraypaint “Biden 2020,” “BLM,” and the Antifa symbol on their garage door.

The terrified homeowners were able to get a hold of the police and the fire department, saving their house, but the entire ordeal reveals a terrifying aspect not previously seen in these riots.

People have defended BLM as a peaceful group as long as the riots have been going on.

BLM’s goal was to bring injustice to light and to demand change, not to burn down houses of those who disagree with them.

But now it appears anarchists bearing the BLM and Antifa name are trying to take justice into their own hands.

Sadly, whatever BLM’s intentions were, things have spiraled drastically out of control.

And it is this kind of wanton destruction that the Democrats are supporting.

It took Biden, Harris, and Pelosi an embarrassingly long time to even address the violent riots, much less condemn them.

Now, it appears that they will continue to support the violence from the sidelines, trying to appease the mob.

This kind of destruction and utter hatred is what divides America.

The arsonists presumably did not know the family they attacked.

All they had to go on was the Trump sign outside their house.

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Politics has become so polarizing that rational discussion seems to no longer be the norm.

It is one side versus the other, not two sides attempting to better the country.

If the riots have proven anything, it is that the anger and hurt on both sides burns deep.

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It is not as simple as quelling the protests; the protests and destruction are a symptom of the illness.

As the election draws nearer, people will continue to look for reasons to hate the other side.

But if this country is to flourish again, we must focus more on the betterment of our country and how we can be united rather than divided.

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