Trey Gowdy Was Offered a New Job That Will Change Fox News Forever

After retiring from Congress, Trey Gowdy signed on as a Fox News contributor.

But after the election many viewers thought Fox News moved to the left and the network made some changes.

And now Trey Gowdy was offered a new job that will change Fox News forever.

Fox News saw 40 percent of its audience vanish after the election.

A significant chunk of its viewers thought that—led by Chris Wallace—the network was trying to distance itself from Donald Trump.

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In the month of January Fox News actually finished in last place in the cable news ratings race.

Fox executives determined to right ship and began to add more opinion programming hosted by personalities Trump supporters enjoyed.

One of those hosts was Trey Gowdy.

Gowdy took his turn filling in for a week on the new “Fox News Primetime”show as part of a rotating cast of guest hosts auditioning for the permanent gig.

The audience responded to Gowdy as Gowdy drew the highest ratings of any of the guest hosts.

Gowdy’s ratings success led to Fox offering him a second go-round hosting “Fox News Primetime” which establishes Gowdy as the favorite for the permanent host job. exclusively reports:

OutKick has learned and Fox News has confirmed that the rotation will continue for at least the week of March 8, when Trey Gowdy returns.

The timetable for a permanent host to be named is unclear as the process involves FNC deciding upon and agreeing to terms and finalizing the contract with the talent. While Gowdy returning first does not mean he will be the ultimate choice, it was noticed both internally and externally that Gowdy recorded the highest total week of viewership with 2 million. Gowdy, Brian Kilmeade, Maria Bartiromo, Mark Steyn, and Rachel Campos-Duffy have all tested. Katie Pavlich is in this week, and Lawrence Jones will take over next week.

After Donald Trump left office the entire cable news business faced a reckoning.

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CNN saw their ratings decline as the network built its brand as the home of the “resistance” where hosts and guests would hype up every supposed Trump “outrage” like it was the main event of Wrestlemania where the press, Democrats and useful idiot Never Trumpers played the role of the good guys trying to vanquish the big, bad heel in Donald Trump.

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But both Fox and CNN have tried to double down on a Trump-centric strategy to maintain their audiences.

Fox is adding Trump-supporting hosts like Trey Gowdy and Greg Gutfeld to their every day lineups whereas CNN decided to go in the other direction.

The focus of CNN’s program is now selling its audience on the idea that every other Republican in elected office is actually worse than Donald Trump so the audience needs to tune in to know who is currently the target of the left’s organized two minutes of hate.

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