Tucker Carlson Gave Trump a Grim Warning About the Upcoming Election

Donald Trump has an uphill fight ahead of him if he wants to win in November.

The Democrats will stop at nothing to attack him.

Tucker Carlson gave Trump a grim warning about the upcoming election.

President Donald Trump has had a tough election year.

This year has been one crisis after another. America is suffering from the worst epidemic since the Spanish Flu, the greatest number of unemployed since the Great Depression and the most racial tension since the civil rights movement.

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This year has been really challenging and the hard truth is that it will be hard for Donald Trump to win in November if he doesn’t convince the public that he successfully handled these crises.

The protests that have broken out after the death of George Floyd in police custody have made President Trump go down in the polls.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that it may be “tough” for Trump to win in November if he doesn’t deal with conflict.

“Not many people are saying it out loud on the Right. But the fact is that President Trump could well lose this election. In fact, unless fundamental facts change soon, it could be tough for him to be reelected,” Carlson said.

Many people want America to be unified again and Democrats have been blaming all the disunity of the past four years on Trump.

The promise of a Joe Biden presidency is that the Democrats will stop attacking the right once they have all the power.

This isn’t true; if Democrats get power, they will try and completely destroy America.

Carlson pointed out that a Biden win would put the White House in the hands of “radicals” who will “remake the country.”

“We’re fully aware that virtually nobody watching this show tonight wants to hear that, but it’s true, and key people around the president know that it’s true. They’ve seen the numbers,” Carlson continued.

What many Americans want is stability, they want life to go back to normal, back to the way things were last year.

Trump’s great promise of 2016 was that he would restore America to the greatness of the past and “make America great again.”

“An awful lot of people voted for Donald Trump precisely to avoid a moment like the one we’re now in,” Carlson continued, noting that Trump tends to promote tradition and stability.

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The Democrats are dangerous and are looking to erase America’s constitutional heritage.

It’s important not to sugarcoat the truth.

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It will be hard for President Trump to win reelection in such a tough year.

But Donald Trump is used to being the underdog.

He won his first election against seemingly insurmountable odds and he certainly has time to turn the situation around before November.

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