Tucker Carlson Revealed How 6 Million Votes Got Switched to Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson

Donald Trump found a smoking gun of massive election-rigging in the 2020 presidential contest.

That’s bad news for Democrats.

And it happened when Tucker Carlson revealed how six million votes got switched to Joe Biden.

Tucker Carlson blasted the 2020 election as rigged and rife with fraud.

Carlson identified the biggest example of election-rigging occurred when Big Tech imposed a censorship regime to suppress negative stories about Joe Biden.

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“Virtually all news and all information in the English-speaking world travels through a single company: Google,” Carlson stated. “If you use technology to censor the ideas that people are allowed to express online, ultimately you control how the population votes and that’s exactly what they did. They rigged the election in front of all of us, and nobody did anything about it.”

The prime example of Big Tech pressing its thumb down on the scale was when Twitter blocked anyone from tweeting a link to a New York Post story detailing an alleged pay-to-play scheme involving Joe Biden.

Carlson did not just provide speculation.

Carlson backed up his assertions with evidence.

Dr. Robert Epstein—who is an expert in search algorithms—appeared on Carlson’s program and explained how Google manipulated its search algorithm to switch up to six million votes to Joe Biden.

“First of all, we had 733 field agents in three key swing states this year: Arizona, North Carolina, and Florida, and we preserved more than 500,000 ephemeral experiences… That’s about 30 times more data than we got in 2016,” Dr. Epstein explained.

Dr. Epstein added that Google fed liberal search results to users no matter their political orientation or the search keywords they entered.

“Google search results were strongly biased in favor of liberals and Democrats. This was not true on Bing or Yahoo. The bias was being shown to pretty much every demographic group we looked at, including conservatives…. Conservatives got slightly more bias in their search results than liberals did. How do you account for that?” Dr. Epstein added.

Dr. Epstein described what his team called a smoking gun—which was that Google only sent a notification to vote in the run up to the election to liberals.

“We also found what seems to be a smoking gun. That is, we found a period of days when the vote reminder on Google’s homepage was being sent only to liberals — not one of our conservative field agents received a vote reminder during those days,” Dr. Epstein added.

Dr. Epstein summed up his findings by declaring that Google’s election meddling was so blatant that it could have shifted six million votes Joe Biden’s way.

“The bottom line at the moment is that these manipulations, the ones that we’ve so far quantified, could easily have shifted at least six million votes in just one direction. That’s the bare minimum at this point, that I’m confident. The maximum we haven’t even begun to estimate that yet because we have so much data to look at.”

Dr. Epstein is no Trump supporter.

In fact he is a Democrat that supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020.

But Dr. Epstein is a patriot that wants fair and honest elections free from Big Tech’s schemes to rig them for favored candidates.

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