Twitter Was Left Reeling After Trump Supporters Did This

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, conservatives have gone into open revolt against Big Tech.

And no one has lost out more than Twitter.

Now, the social media giant is reeling as Trump supporters did one thing to leave the company crippled.

While the final winner of the 2020 election is yet to be determined, there is one clear loser from the entire election cycle.

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With Twitter’s near-endless attempts to silence, censor, or ban conservative voices throughout the 2020 election calendar, conservatives are finally rising up in retaliation to the social media network’s blatant attempts to pick sides.

And now, they’re leaving Twitter in droves.

NBC News reports, “As Twitter labeled tweet after tweet from President Donald Trump in recent days, some conservatives decided they’d had enough. Distrust of the major social media platforms among some Trump supporters came to a boil around the election as Twitter and Facebook — already the targets of complaints about liberal bias — began to take swift and severe action on election-related misinformation. More than a few Republican politicians echoed the sentiments.”

Many of these conservative activists are now ditching Twitter altogether as they move over to its pro-free speech competitor, Parler.

The website is being advertised to conservatives who are frustrated with Twitter’s attempts to silence conservative voices and play favorites in the political realm of social media.

NBC News continues, “And so, many of them joined Parler, a Twitter-like social media platform that has for two years been a minor destination for conservative politicians and media figures. Like other social media apps, Parler has a feed of posts to scroll through. Posts can be up to 1,000 characters, and they can include links and photos. Users can follow one another, as well as explore a “discovery news” tab, which was dominated Tuesday by allegations of election fraud. Its community guidelines fit onto a few pages and address the most basic content problems: criminal activity and spam.”

The result has been a massive uptick in conservative activists moving over to Parler and ditching Twitter altogether.

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And now, many of these same activists are urging President Trump to move over to the platform as well, in an effort to get around the biased treatment he has been receiving from Twitter’s platform, which continues to dispute his posts, and in some cases, even take them down.

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The result has been a firestorm across the internet, as Twitter has finally begun to panic that it could lose up to half of its user base if it continues to drive away conservative voices and enforce a left-wing echo chamber mentality among those who remain.

That’s why Parler has grown so tremendously since the election, and why it is currently the number one platform for download on both the Google and Apple app stores, a tremendous achievement for a new app which seeks to compete directly with giant social media companies like Twitter.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Parler can ultimately survive as a viable alternative platform to Twitter for conservatives who are fed up with the network’s poor treatment of their views, it is clear that conservatives are done letting Big Tech dictate what they can and cannot say online.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.