Violence Breaks Out Against MAGA March After This One Shocking Event

The headlines are bad.

Unfortunately, this news surprises no one.

Now, violence breaks out against MAGA march after this one shocking event.

Sadly, news reports are starting to sound like broken records, constantly relaying the news of more violence in American cities.

And it does not appear that this will stop anytime soon.

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The latest report in a long string of reports is the news of a group that identified themselves as BLM and Antifa attacking a group of Trump supporters after their rally in Washington, D.C.

Fox News elaborated on why they gathered:

“In Washington Saturday, the ‘March for Trump’ demonstration organized by Women for America First started at Freedom Plaza and headed to the Supreme Court. An estimated 10,000 people were anticipated, according to a park permit, and crowds filled the streets all around the White House. Enthusiastic Trump supporters delivered a series of fiery speeches from Freedom Plaza repeating Trump’s unfounded claim of widespread election fraud and that Trump actually won. Some talked of more specific ways to stop Biden from becoming president, including legal challenges, election audits and urging states to appoint pro-Trump electors who would defy the popular vote results in their states.”

But it was after their rally that it hit the fan.

Trump supporters were assaulted as they tried to leave.

Twitter exploded with tweets and videos of the incident, including videos of the extreme violence and of the potential arrests of some of the rioters.

Videos of the incident show Trump supporters being kicked, punched, shoved, and even looted from.

One video shows BLM rioters knocking a man unconscious and then stealing his phone.

Journalist Kalen D’Almeida shared his video, writing: “I was spat upon, nearly tazed, and kicked by the same group of aggressive individuals that beat a man down early.”

Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura later tweeted: “The footage of the brutal assault was captured by myself and @FromKalen. We gave the footage to authorities and they arrested the 5 individuals who were responsible for the attack.”

Human Events Managing Editor Ian Miles Cheong shared a video on Twitter, writing: “Black Lives Matter militants assault Trump supporters.”

He posted another video stating: “Antifa militants and BLM beat a Trump supporter over the head with a metal rod and mace him.”

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Thousands more tweets and videos of the incident show the damage these rioters inflicted on these people.

It is horrific to think that people will be attacked for their beliefs.

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America is a country of free speech and thus people should feel safe to express their opinion, no matter what it is.

People should not live in fear for their beliefs.

We should be able to express them without being subject to extreme violence.

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