What This Judge Just Decided Will Have Tucker Carlson Jumping for Joy

When Tucker Carlson picks a fight, his opponent tends to regret it.

That was proven true once again.

And what this judge just decided will have Tucker Carlson jumping for joy.

Loudoun County, Virginia used to be a Republican stronghold.

But like many areas in the commonwealth it’s shifted blue over the last decade.

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And that’s had a profound effect on the school system.

Over the course of the pandemic, Tucker Carlson’s highlighted coverage of how local school boards use Critical Race Theory to brainwash students and demand parents, teachers, and children submit to other woke ideology.

Last month Carlson blasted the Loudoun County school board for allowing children to read pornographic books while teachers at the school opposed allowing children to read Harper Lee’s classic “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

“To Kill a Mockingbird” is about lawyer Atticus Finch defending a black man from wrongful accusations that he sexually assaulted a white woman while his young daughter has her eyes opened to the prejudice in their Southern town.

Clips of the school board meeting where a teacher attacked the book as “traumatic” for black students because it featured a “white savior” went viral after Carlson highlighted them on his show.

The Loudoun County school board is back in the news once again after U.S. District Court Judge James E. Plowman Jr. ruled that the school must reinstate physical education teacher Tanner Cross.

Cross ran afoul of the school system by declaring in a school board meeting that his strong Christian faith would never allow him to accept biological males identifying as girls and that he could not pick and choose which pronouns to use when identifying children.

“School officials had barred Cross from performing his job as a physical education instructor at Leesburg Elementary School — and from setting foot on campus — after he declared at a late-May school board meeting that he would never ‘affirm that a biological boy can be a girl, and vice versa.’ Cross said his Christian faith and determination to always tell the truth meant he could not use a transgender child’s selected name and pronoun if it did not agree with their biological sex as determined at birth,” the Washington Post reported.

Defenders of the First Amendment celebrated this decision.

But it fit within the broader context of what’s happening in Loudoun County and the rest of America.

Before the coronaviruspandemic, few parents noticed that their children were being indoctrinated with woke social justice politics.

But schools and businesses getting shutdown due to coronavirus hysteria forced many parents to remain home while their children attended school via Zoom.

That exposed many parents to what their children were actually being taught in school.

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Conservatives began to take a greater interest in school board meetings and elections to fight back against Critical Race Theory programs, biological males playing girls’ sports, and mask mandates.

This parental activism pushing back against left-wing ideologues on school boards became a focal point of Tucker Carlson’s show.

And Loudoun County, Virginia appears to be ground zero.

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