What This Top Election Official Called Trump Supporters Will Leave You Seeing Red

The 2020 election remains contested between President Trump and Joe Biden.

And all signs point to Democrats working overtime to ensure Biden wins the ongoing legal battles between the two sides.

But one top election official in a critical swing state just said something that will leave Trump supporters seeing red.

Democrats continue to celebrate the apparent electoral defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

And while the final outcome remains in doubt and will likely only be determined when the Electoral College meets to elect the next President in December, President Trump faces an uphill battle in attempting to secure a second term.

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But now, a series of attacks leveled against Trump supporters from one top election official has Republicans outraged.

The Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, has published a series of tweets attacking President Trump and his supporters, attacking Trump personally, while calling his supporters “neo-Nazis.”

“@realDonaldTrump has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans,” Hobbs tweeted in August 2017, shortly after the violent clash in Charlottesville that had left-wing media outlets unfairly attacking President Trump and accusing him, without evidence, of supporting white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups.

This tweet from three years ago would have been another innocuous and ridiculous attack against the President by a random troll on the internet, had it not been for the fact that Hobbs is now serving as Arizona’s Secretary of State, and is tasked with certifying who wins the state’s 11 Electoral College votes in the presidential election.

With the race in Arizona as close as it is, the state could ultimately determine the winner of the Electoral College, and thus the entire election itself.

And Hobbs, who has openly attacked President Trump for being a racist, and has described “his base” as little more than “neo-Nazis,” could play a critical role in determining who wins Arizona’s electoral votes.

Arizona was infamously called for Biden by Fox News, though the final outcome in the state still remains in doubt.

But Hobbs’ comments have now called into doubt her ability to impartially discharge the duties of her office.

It’s clear from her own tweets that she hates President Trump.

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And worse yet, she believes that the 70+ million Americans who voted for him, including those in her own state of Arizona, are little more than “neo-Nazis.”

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This has led to an outpouring of allegations that she will work to award Arizona’s electoral votes to Biden even if he ultimately didn’t win the state.

And with Arizona in Biden’s column, he will almost certainly become the 46th President of the United States, even without having to carry Georgia and Pennsylvania.

So far, Hobbs has refused to backtrack on her earlier comments, or even take her tweet down from the internet.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.