You Won’t Believe What Big Name at Fox Secretly Sabotaged Trump in the Election

During the last election Donald Trump complained that Fox News turned against him.

He had no idea how bad it really was.

And you won’t believe what big name at Fox secretly sabotaged Trump in the election.

It’s been known for a longtime that Fox News Channel founder Rupert Murdoch’s son James is very liberal.

After the 2016 election there were rumors that James Murdoch would one day take over Fox News and his goal was to turn Fox into a mirror image of CNN.

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Eventually James Murdoch lost out on the job of running Fox News to his brother Lachlan Murdoch.

Lachlan Murdoch is much more conservative and is known to be a strong supporter of Tucker Carlson and other conservative primetime hosts.

But that didn’t mean that James Murdoch shied away from trying to influence politics.

Instead, it turned out he and his wife Kathryn were one of the biggest sources of funding for the left in the 2020 election cycle to help drive Donald Trump from office.

Murdoch funneled $100 million—much more than previously believed—to left-wing causes and groups through his nonprofit foundation Quadrivium.

CNBC exclusively reported:

Since 2019, Quadrivium committed to giving over $43 million to climate-related groups. Over $38 million, including $14 million in Quadrivium donations and $24 million in individual contributions from the couple, went toward election organizations, including those dedicated to protecting voting rights.

The Murdoch couple also donated over $20 million to Biden’s campaign, groups supporting him and opposing Trump, and organizations dedicated to disrupting online threats and extremism. They also donated to groups dedicated to getting out the vote during the Georgia Senate runoff elections in January. Democrats won both of those seats.

James Murdoch sat on the board of News Corp—Fox News Channel’s parent company—along with Never Trumper Paul Ryan.

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman reported that Ryan used his perch to push the Murdochs to dump Trump and use their network to nudge the GOP back towards the Mitt Romney/Jeb Bush 2012 version of the Republican Party.

When Trump would complain about the coverage on Fox during the campaign, critics would dismiss him for demanding “home team” programming.

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Trump cited Chris Wallace’s performance as the moderator of the first debate—which many Trump supporters judged as biased and pro-Joe Biden—and Fox’s early call of Arizona for Biden as evidence Fox changed their editorial tone during the election.

But Trump had powerful enemies on both the left and right at the highest levels of Fox working to undermine him.

And James Murdoch was spending $100 million to defeat him while holding a seat of influence at Fox News.

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